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In this digital era, social media is at Boom. As per a survey, 4.5 billion people are active internet users until January 2020. Approx 3.8 billion people are social media users (until 2019). This figure is growing day by day and as per the latest trends, half of the world’s population will use social media until the middle of this year. So, social media is the best and most powerful platform to promote and enlarge your business. Polysol Infotech Pvt Ltd is here to help you as this is one of the top social media marketing agencies in Jaipur in 2020.

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Coming on the topic “social media promotion” in the current scenario, your 99% customers are active users of any of the social media platforms. It can either be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Youtube. But the problem is, how could you target your potential customers on these platforms, what should be the strategies to target them, what plan you should follow to engage them. Lots of confusion and queries are rolling in mind but, what is the solution?


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You are at the right place. We, the Polysol Infotech team, have expertise in the social media advertisement. Although, there is a number of social media advertising companies in Jaipur but,

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These 5 proven rules (unbeatable strategy) that a great social media agency must follow to give its clients the most targeted customers base are:

Know your product: Before jumping into the market, an organisation must have deep knowledge about what exactly your product/service is, then after a company could plan for the promotion.

Research your marketplace & Audience: After understanding your product/service, an agency needs to research the marketplace where your product could be sold out. Most importantly, find the audiences who will be your customers.

Planning/Strategy: Make the strategy of how to target your potential audiences and pull them to your products/services. A company should plan a funnel which includes awareness, interests and conversion.

Execute the strategy/plan: At the very first level, a company does aware the audiences about your brand and your products/services, then creates interests about products/services among them and then the final step is to make them purchase your products/services.

Analysis and Optimization: Finally, as the plan is executed, you start getting results (good or bad). As per the result obtained, a company should analyse whether you are gaining profit or loss and according to analysis, optimize the strategy to get better results than earlier.7

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To become the most successful social media agencies in Jaipur, one must follow the above-mentioned steps. Even Polysol Infotech is following these rules for a long time to bring the most desirable customers to the clients.

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These proven ideas work great.


[Case study]… One of our clients is dealing in e-commerce health products. We followed these insane and unbeatable strategies to promote his products and we got what we haven’t expected before. We multiplied his ROI and made it double just within one month of executing the plan.


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Take a step ahead. We’ll never give you a chance to regret your decision. As counted in top-10 best social media marketing agencies in Jaipur, we are COMMITTED.DETERMINED. RESULT ORIENTED.

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