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YouTube Marketing Company In Jaipur - Polysol Infotech

Getting your business on the second-most popular social media platform and reaching a new audience could not be easier. With more than 2 billion active users, now is the time to get started using YouTube to market.

In addition to being the world’s second-largest search engine after Google, YouTube allows for free organic marketing.

For those who are new to YouTube, we recommend starting here. For those with experience, we recommend scrolling to the relevant section to learn more advanced skills.

What is YouTube Marketing?

Social media marketing includes YouTube marketing, which promotes our products and services using social media platforms. Here’s some information on YouTube as a social media platform.

Adding or uploading valuable videos to certain business channels on YouTube, as well as place YouTube ads on those channels, can be used in social media marketing.

Using YouTube marketing was cheaper, if we needed a wider reach or a larger audience we would just have to pay for it. Create different videos with different types of content and audiences that will be appealing to your subscribers.

You can also add those videos into other channels as ads, which are skippable and not.

The best way to market on YouTube is to have a lot of reaches, brand awareness, social knowledge, and more audience, as we had already mentioned. It is imperative that you are attentive to all the things that happen in your channel, such as:

  • First set up a profile
  • Use custom thumbnails
  • Optimize the descriptions
  • Use google friendly keywords and the keyword that related to our content and channel
  • Create high-quality content videos
  • Interact with subscribers or viewers
  • Create a Q&A section sometimes
  • Run contests, giveaway prizes, and work with other brands
  • Add call to cations

Youtube Marketing Company in Jaipur

The marketing approach to promoting a YouTube channel differs from that of other websites or media profiles. You have to promote a different form of the media asset that has different metrics to measure user engagement.

YouTube marketing is a fast-changing industry where clicks, shares, likes, and subscriptions all have their own measurements. We know how to get you on solid ground so you become a powerful video media authority.

Taking a close look at YouTube’s platform, community, and channel numbers is part of our experts’ daily routine.

By using advanced tools and techniques, we assist in setting marketing agendas, formulating execution strategies, monitoring performance parameters, and optimizing monitoring practices for YouTube in order to achieve the best results for you.

As a result, we set time-bound objectives and aim for measurable results in order to achieve optimum value.

With that in mind, we only strive for perfection every step of the way, from keyword analysis to tagging, transcription, social promotion, tracking and optimizing performance to finding results. As we assure you to succeed with YouTube, you’re guaranteed success.

Youtube Marketing Services in Jaipur

Currently, YouTube is one of the most popular means of promoting services and products through video marketing. The internet has 1.5 billion monthly active users, or almost a third of the worldwide population, who use YouTube on a daily basis.

By doing this, it becomes apparent that most users would rather watch a video than read an article. Polysol Infotech will assist you in maximizing your YouTube Marketing in Jaipur efforts, gaining an audience, and generating sales for your business.

The Youtube marketing services offered by Polysol in Jaipur focus on quality and quantity so as to create an audience that will endure and grow with your brand over time. Our emphasis is on creating awareness through collaboration and curation so that your brand will become more familiar to customers.

By providing additional captivating and informative videos, YouTube Marketing in Jaipur provides more exposure, views, likes, and shares, therefore securing a wider audience for your videos. By incorporating a substantial YouTube video into your campaign marketing, we take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Video Creation

 As a full-service video production company, we offer video filmmakers, producers, editors, voice actors, scriptwriters, and graphic designers to support the delivery of polished video content for every stage of the sales funnel:

  • Social engagement videos.
  • How-to videos.
  • Video blogs.
  • Video ads.
  • On-site interviews.
  • Vox pops.
  • Whiteboard videos.
  • Event coverage
  • Corporate promos.
  • Video testimonials.
  • Training videos.
  • Much more.

A video platform’s biggest competitor doesn’t allow you to compete without great video.

Social Media Management

The YouTube management services we offer include social media strategists, consultants, copywriters, and more.

  • Creating a YouTube channel.
  • The implementation of a strategy to improve key performance metrics including watch time, impressions, reach, and engagement.
  • Content strategists and project managers are responsible for coordinating marketing efforts.
  • Reports and analytics are provided continuously.
  • Responding to comments.

By this logic, YouTube is just as important as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram – might even be more important. Almost nearly more than 2 billion monthly active users are using youtube, YouTube is the second largest social media site on the web.

Video SEO

In order for your video content to rank well on YouTube, you should be aware of the following: YouTube finds more than five billion videos each day, and a number of variables determine the success of your video content:

  • Total views.
  • Video length.
  • Average view duration.
  • These are the keywords that appear in titles, captions, tags, descriptions, and channels pages.
  • Backlinks and embeds.
  • Positive vs. negative engagements.
  • Taking into account both engagement metrics (click-through rates, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, and subscribers).
  • Channel authority.
  • Video description length.
  • Days since published.
  • Much more.

As part of Polysol’s social media strategy, our social media managers curate playlists, check for keywords inclusion, promote videos across other content channels like email, social, and other networks, and engage subscribers.

We track key metrics every step of the way so that we can pivot our marketing strategy quickly based on key performance indicators. Our videographers, meanwhile, prioritize video optimization by using editing techniques that keep viewers engaged until the very last frame.

Video Description Copywriting

However, YouTube video descriptions remain a highly important ranking factor for both YouTube and Google. Artificial intelligence and machine learning make it easier than ever before to comprehend and parse audio and video content.

 We frequently work closely with our social media specialists and content writers to develop video descriptions that use keywords.

As part of our ranking process on YouTube, we pay special attention to how long the video description is, whether it contains primary and secondary keywords, whether it contains links and other textual factors. Alternatively, we can produce keyword-optimized landing pages that feature your YouTube content.

This makes your content easier to find via Google searches, as well as helping to increase overall engagement. The result of these efforts can be a more aware brand, a better lead generation process, and ultimately better conversions.

Video Syndication and Distribution

Our services also include creating video descriptions, landing pages, and promoting your video content on other social networks as well as via email to help you become more discoverable.

Another way we can help you with video advertising is paid-per-click marketing. Video syndication is sometimes referred to as video syndication. We can help you manage PPC video advertising campaigns, whether you prefer clicking on Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or any other platform.

YouTube Ads

Polysol provides services for creating video ads for YouTube, which is the internet’s largest video advertising platform. We can also design banner ads that appear in the YouTube frame.

You can then hire our social media consultants and PPC consultants to assist you in managing your YouTube advertising campaigns by including refinements to the target audience, bidding strategies, and determining the ideal format for your ad based on your budget and expectations.


Improved conversions, Improved search engine optimization, Strengthening your brand, and positioning your organization as a thought leader Engaging more customers retaining customers by enhancing brand awareness and credibility.


 The average person watches eight videos before buying an item or service. This translates to 74% of people understanding the product or service after watching it. In addition, 78% of people remember videos they watch online.

A video email’s click-through rate is triple that of a static email’s 39% of executives contact companies after watching its video YouTube receives more than 800 million unique visitors monthly Email campaigns with video reduce unsubscribe rates 75%.

286 + Successfully

Developed Projects

150 + Unique

Ideas Submitted

260 + Feedback

Satisfied Customers


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Youtube Marketing Services - FAQ

YouTube’s marketing strategy

  • Reach A New Audience
  • The SEO Boost
  • It’s Made for Specific Content
  • Video Marketing is Big Business
  • Community Engagement
  • Inspiration Is Everywhere
  • It Converts

The business you operate on YouTube will be considered a sole proprietorship by default; however, you can create an LLC or partnership for your business. You must report self-employment taxes to the IRS, although some LLCs qualify for the S-corporation tax break.

As you can see, YouTube is your best channel for video marketing. It will enhance your SEO, increase brand awareness and traffic, expand your social reach, market internationally, improve your ROI, and give you options to diversify your campaign.


YouTube seems to be a lucrative and fun profession. However, establishing oneself on YouTube is much more difficult than it seems. Every big YouTube sensation is the result of months, years, and even decades of hard work.

You can make money on YouTube, so there is no myth about this. But there are some points that may make you think twice before quitting your job and starting YouTube full-time. Overall, YouTubers are earning really big, which means you can do the same.

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based membership program that takes the place of ads and lets users view and support their favorite creators without being interrupted. While youtube is a simple step to set up, earning money from advertising as a YouTube Partner is far from the most lucrative revenue stream you can create for yourself.

The estimated top-earning YouTuber worldwide between June 2020 and June 2021 is Ryan Kaji (Ryan ToysReview), a nine-year-old YouTuber who earned approximately 29.5 million U.S. dollars during the assessed time period.

A YouTube SEO strategy optimizes your YouTube videos and channel to rank higher on YouTube. You can optimize your video pages, playlists, description, metadata, and tags. Your videos can also be optimized for YouTube search results and other search engines.

Here are few simple Youtube SEO tips to rank higher in search:

  1. Choosing your keywords wisely
  2. Title your video with keywords
  3. Your video file should contain the keyword
  4. Descriptions of your YouTube videos should be optimized
  5. YouTube search results can be improved using video hashtags
  6. Select a video category
  7. Create your own thumbnail image
  8. Put subtitles and closed captions on the video

Pick out a niche and an audience

  1. Choose an affiliate program
  2. Setup your Youtube channel
  3. Add Your Affiliate Links
  4. Collect You Commissions/Rinse & Repeat

Here are few steps to do Youtube video marketing:

  • Create a YouTube channel for business
  • Learn about your audience
  • Research your competition
  • Learn from your favorite channels
  • Optimize your videos to get views
  • Upload and schedule your videos
  • Optimize your channel to attract followers
  • Try YouTube advertising
  • Try working with an influencer
  • Analyze and adapt
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