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Internship Program In Jaipur- Polysol Infotech

Digital Marketing is becoming more common in all industries as it offers numerous career opportunities. As the whole world gets digitized rapidly, people are embracing this change with a lot of affection. Nevertheless, why are we discussing a digital marketing internship? Because it’s a field where there are the most jobs, but every company or industry requires experts in this field.

Companies that hire people for digital marketing purposes consider that employees should have sufficient knowledge of the field. Digital Marketing offers a good salary even to freshers, but you must also perform at that level.

That’s why everybody who wants to learn about Digital Marketing is heading towards internships. You will gain a lot of experience from an internship, but you will also gain a lot of benefits from it as well.

 Digital marketing covers everything right from selecting the perfect brand name to designing your website, content, advertising campaigns, or campaigns. A digital marketing strategy has essentially made the world smaller, allowing people to start and run businesses from anywhere without any barriers.

Regardless of what you’re passionate about, this is an industry that will benefit you greatly. You can start your career in digital marketing by getting an internship, including working on projects that involve crunching numbers, writing articles, designing and coding, or analyzing data.

A digital marketing internship will benefit you in various ways, it will be very helpful for your future to get a good job with a handsome salary. So, having said that, you must work hard and learn a lot to succeed in a digital marketing course and get on the radar of recruiters by acquiring good training and internships.

As this field grows in popularity, it also faces a lot of competition in the market. New technology, tools, strategies, terminology, and algorithms emerge daily.

Why Choose Polysol Infotech For An Internship in Jaipur?

The Polysol Infotech web design and digital marketing agency in Jaipur focus on providing complete marketing solutions that help your business grow. Its world-class services help you increase sales and build business leads online. Besides optimizing your campaign, it will also improve it 100% by having the best digital marketing experts team.

We identify these three requirements before starting any campaign promotion:

  • What is the targeted market audience?
  • Which platform or strategy would be good to promote?
  • How will this strategy work in and grow the business in a limited time?

As a top creative digital marketing agency, our aim is that “You think about business, we grow”; we don’t just focus on digital marketing activities, but help clients grow their businesses.

Concerning business inquiries, website traffic, branding, traffic improvement, and social media services, we have provided our digital marketing services to more than 500+ companies. Our team of experienced and talented professionals understands your targeted audience, business requirements, making us India’s leading social media and online marketing company.

Polysol Infotech gives you the best SEO and SMO internship in Jaipur. You must always look for an internship that will help you gain a solid understanding of the field while also putting your best foot forward on your resume.

If you choose us, then you will not only learn but also you will be given many opportunities to work on live projects and be part of our team.

We also provide summer training or internships in inquiries marketing in Jaipur, if you are interested then look for a chance in Polysol Infotech, we assure you will never regret being a part of our intern training program or maybe a part of our team in the future.

Benefits of Internship:

There are various benefits of Internship of SEO, SMO, or Digital Marketing, benefits digital marketing include:

Insight Into Detailed Modules: The internship will give you an insight into how Digital Marketing works, focusing on the newest tactics and technologies. Working on live projects will give you an idea of what working in an industry is like, and how it works.

In addition, you will get an opportunity to explore each of the digital marketing niches that interest you, including SEO, social media marketing, PPC campaigns, content writing, web design, and more. Here, you will have to show creativity and discover what interests you the most. You will gradually understand which field you are best suited to perform in and choose as a career.

Social Skills: Work is a completely different thing from school or college. When you are hired for certain responsibilities, there is no room for mistakes. As long as you gain some understanding and learn from the mistakes you make, you can make as many mistakes as you want during an internship. Observe everything that’s going on around you, so that you can learn something.

Hands-on projects: An intern in digital marketing can explore a lot because you are working on a live marketing project. You gain practical knowledge in this field on the job. This training will let you know how to optimize the content of your website to appear higher in search engine results, and create strategies for social media campaigns as well as manage the reputation of your brand online.

The digital marketing course is not enough; you have to apply what you’ve learned. Therefore, the quality of your Digital Marketing course won’t matter unless you can apply practical knowledge and techniques. Furthermore, experts are available to assist if you find yourself on the wrong track or stuck during a project.

Specialization: Since digital marketing is a vast field, it is almost impossible to master all of them. Thus, the best way to master that is by picking one that interests you and focusing on it. It would be best to explore this in-depth during your internship as it will offer you the best opportunity for realizing your expertise and ensuring you excel in it.

You may find that reputable companies will come to you with many offers once you start displaying good work in that area.

Time Management: You will learn how to work under pressure during your digital marketing internship. There are certain deadlines that you have to meet. It prepares you for the corporate world. You will learn discipline and become a professional.

Work Compliance: When you start your internship, you have to learn the habit of completing any task on time. When you are in college, this habit is not present. Before you start your internship, you learn to complete tasks on time. Your office will also benefit from this.

 How to Apply?

The first thing you need to do is decide what stream you wish to participate in. Digital marketing can be overwhelming, and you can’t do all of it at once. So, decide which field you are interested in.

The process of applying for an internship in Polysol is simple, you just have to send a resume on the official mail of [email protected], then HR shortlisted the candidates, the candidates now will have to go the F2F round (face to face) interview with the Hr and some respected member of Polysol.

If a candidate is selected then he/she will undergo a 3 month training period which is going to be paid or unpaid depending on the performance and skills of the candidate.

After completion of 3 months of their internship, the selected intern gets a job offer in Polysol with a handsome salary.

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Developed Projects

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850+ Successful Trainees

At Polysol Infotech, students are coming from all over India to get internships in digital marketing. Interns will be treated professionally to develop their skills. They will get the certificate 3 to 6 months after completion of their internship, and a well deserving candidate will get a job at Polysol with a handsome salary.

Benefits of Joining Internship at Polysol Infotech

Digital marketing is one of those subjects that has multifaceted advantages if applied correctly, no matter what your profession might be.

It is beneficial to anyone, for the students, marketers, IT experts, or business owners. As an acquired skill set, digital marketing enables career advancement for individuals from all fields. When aligned with existing abilities, it makes for a very powerful combination.

Our Digital Marketing Mastery Program in Jaipur is the most in-depth and advanced digital marketing course available and isn’t only limited to delivering digital marketing modules, but also includes practical assignments, regular feedback, and processes designed to transform a novice into an expert.

We at Polysol Infotech create websites and provide digital marketing services that help your business to grow higher. Besides optimizing your campaign, our expert team will also improve it by reorganizing it and bringing it up to date with the latest trends.

Internship Program - FAQ's

Ans. In terms of internship competition, there are often a lot of applicants applying for a single position. If you are serious about getting an internship, you should apply to 10 to 20 internships every two or three weeks to increase your chances of getting an interview.

Ans. You’ll need to set up the right internship program and pay your interns to make sure you’re attracting talent that can contribute to your business. Here’s how to do it:

  • Establish an intern program coordinator.
  • Give each intern a mentor who is going to be his or her buddy.
  • Set goals and workloads.
  • Make intern development a daily commitment.
  • Stay in touch.

Ans. You should apply for internships as far ahead of time as possible, ideally more than six months in advance of their start date. However, if you are arriving late, it is possible to arrange internships as late as a month before the summer or semester that you are targeting.


Getting a job after college requires internship experience. That’s not always the case, but today, many employers expect college students to graduate with work experience already under their belts – and not just any kind of work experience either. So, yes you need an internship to get a job.

Ans. As long as you know how to balance the two internships, you can do more than one without conflict. Managers expect a lot from a candidate, and internships are the absolute best way to get a foot in the door.

During a student’s internship, they are trained in their specific skill and they have the option of applying that knowledge practically in the industry. The AICTE has mandated three internships for engineering students. Engineers are now required to do six months of internship.

The best attire for your first day would include a white shirt with or without a tie or a solid-colored shirt with simple color blocking. Select a color that can be easily seen. You should also wear slacks and shoes that match your belt and socks.

And for girls, the best attire would be Kurtis with black or white wedges or trousers or shirts. Everything should be formal.

The level of work an intern will perform is surprisingly common in organizations without fully comprehending whether the work will be enough to keep someone busy.

The following tips to manage an intern are:

  • Plan and prepare
  • Make your intern feel welcomed
  • Be a resource
  • Be willing to train and teach
  • Set goals
  • Have regular check-ins
  • Give quality feedback
  • Be a good mentor
  • Inspire them
  • Have fun with your intern

 If this happens then do follow these steps:

  • Ask your supervisor about the project.
  • Find an individual project.
  • Go above and beyond.
  • See if you can help someone else.
  • Shadow someone if you find that their work is interesting.
  • Give it some time, if they need a hand they will surely approach you.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers must compensate their employees at least the minimum wage unless their job duties fall within one of several exceptions to the rule. Meaning, businesses can lawfully hire interns for unpaid work if the internship meets certain criteria. Otherwise, they have to hire a paid intern.

Ans. Internships can be obtained by students throughout the summer or during the semester. Both options are excellent, but for some people, one might be better than the other. Students who want to get involved in a summer internship should select one if they have less time available this summer.

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