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App Development

Best Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur - Polysol Infotech

 We provide best mobile app development Company in Jaipur by designing and developing custom mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. Our mobile app developers are experts in creating mobile applications by using latest technologies.  

Let your clients reach you at a click! Mobile app makes it easier for your potential clients to contact you as it is handy. If you don’t have a mobile app, get one right away. Our expert team members are waiting to help bridge the gap between you and your clients.

Why Choose Polysol Infotech for Mobile App Development Services in Jaipur?

Our team members are young, innovative and dedicated who ensure that all the work commitments are fulfilled on-time and as per clients’ expectations. We cover the entire mobile app development cycle comprising of conceptualization to development of the app.


Our team understands the fact that every client is different and have distinct business goals to be fulfilled. We ensure that we discuss and understand every little detail of our client so that we deliver the same successfully.


No matter what your business is all about and how complex your needs may be, our experts are well experienced to fulfill your requirements. They are highly innovative and have high expertise in the field of app development.

What Makes Us the Best Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur?

Our dedication and transparency have played an important role in making us our

clients’ favorite and the best mobile app development company in Jaipur. The

satisfaction of our clients matters to us the most and this is why we leave no

stone unturned in delivering as per our clients’ expectations.  

Expert Team Members

Team plays a great role in achieving the goals of any organization, our members

are highly educated and capable of accomplishing toughest challenges that land

their way. We have carefully selected our team which comprises of people with

high expertise in their field.

Customized App Development

Every organization is unique and so are their requirements which is why we offer

customized app development. Our team is capable of handling various projects at

the same time. It is ensured that the work delivered is in sync with the clients’


On-Time Delivery

Time is important for everyone and when it comes to business, time is money. We

put in our best efforts to provide best app development services to you on time

so that you don’t lose any of the leads due to delay in work. This is what makes

one of the best mobile app development companies.     


Our work is transparent and we make it clear from beginning what the process is

going to be. We don’t believe in hiding facts and keeping our clients in dark when

it comes to project delivery. Our every action is shared with our client and this is

what makes us our clients’ favorite.

Continuous Feedback

Once the project has been submitted to us, it is our duty to provide client with regular updates and keep him/her updated regarding the progress. Our project manager remains in touch with the client and all the necessary details and progress is shared from time to time with them.

Innovative Ideas

We try everything possible to make things better for our clients; we keep sharing

innovative ideas so as to provide maximum benefit to them and help them in

achieving their goals. Making our customers delighted is what makes us happy.

There are various services that we offer to clients when it comes to mobile app development. These are iPad App Development, Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Design, Web App Development, and Cross-Platform Mobile Apps.

iPad App Development

We bring to you the top iPad apps that will not only add value to your business but also to the one’s using it. It is created by thorough understanding of the native iPad app development services.

Android App Development

Android App Development is yet another service that we offer to our clients. We utilize the latest technology and expertise to create android apps successfully. Our android developers ensure that the work delivered is of high-quality and offers value to the client’s business.

iPhone App Development

Have you been searching for someone who can create an iPhone App for your business? Well, your search ends here as we know what it takes to create that perfect app. We have every resource that is required to turn your idea into reality by creating an app customized for you.

Mobile App Design

How an app is designed plays a great role in keeping a visitor engaged. If the experience offered is user-friendly then there are high chances that the user might stay for long and visit again. However, if the experience is rough, you might lose a client there.

Our team understands the value and importance of having a user-friendly mobile app design. We have UI/UX designers who create mobile app designs by following the design guidelines provided for the creating visually appealing apps that function well.  

Web App Development

Our highly experienced web app development team ensures that the mobile web app development is done with utmost dedication. They deliver mobile apps and sites that offer user-friendly experience and are highly engaging.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Yet another of our services is cross-platform mobile apps; our experts are highly skilled in creating multi-platform mobile app solutions for various devices comprising of iOS and android devices.

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App Development - FAQ

Mobile app development is the process of developing a mobile app for mobile devices comprising mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and enterprise digital assistants. These are software applications which are designed for their swift running on mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphone.

You may learn android app development via three ways which are joining an app development training institute, joining a workshop or learning it by yourself. Joining a training institute is a good option if you are ready to spend money, the benefit is that you will get trained by an experienced person and receive a certification.

If you are studying in college then you may opt to get enrolled in a workshop put up by institutes for their promotion. This will help you in getting started and you will also receive a certificate. Lastly, you may choose to learn on your own via tutorial websites.

Android app development is a process of developing applications for devices with android operating system. These apps may be written by using different languages such as Java, C++, etc. by using the android software development kit.

This kit comprises of a comprehensive set of development tools that are a downloadable subset of the full kit having command-line tools.

If you are willing to learn app development then you will need to search and select a platform among various available such as Windows, Blackberry RIM, Android, iOS, etc. You may begin with learning the essential background skills and move on towards mastering the coding skills.

To setup eclipse for android app development, there arises a requirement for proper development environment. All the tools may be easily used if the environment is appropriate for app creation.

This environment may be created using Eclipse IDE, ADT Plugin, and Android SDK. The setting up steps include obtaining and installing Android SDK, opening the Android SDK manager, installing the android version and extras for SDK.

Further steps comprise of obtaining eclipse IDE, running eclipse for the first time, adding ADT plugin repository, installing ADT plugin, accessing ADT plugin preferences, setting up ADT plugin, accessing ADT android virtual device manager, and adding ADT virtual device.  


Hybrid app development may be defined as the process of developing hybrid apps comprising of both web as well as native solutions. In this development process, the application core is written by using web technologies.

Android app development isn’t as tough as it might appear if one understands various mobile parts and their functioning. You must have a proper roadmap to begin with which will make things easy for you.

To begin with its development, you will need to create a development environment so that your system is all set to support it. You may have an android studio and android SDK that can be packaged together in a single download.      


It has been observed that it takes around three weeks to develop an application. However, the duration of this process is majorly dependent on the app complexity and the features’ requirement.

This process comprises of three stages which are planning, design and development and launching. The planning stage includes understanding the business requirement and objectives to be fulfilled thereby creating a solution.


The second stage which is design and development stage includes design creation, sound effects, character models, testing, and removing bugs or errors if any, present in the app. The last stage is the launching and marketing of the application.

The cost of an application development depends on the requirements; some procedures might be simple while others might be complex. Further, there are various factors such as sound effects, platform, graphics used which contribute to the cost.

Yes, you will receive continuous updates regarding the work being done your project. You will be kept updated and get all the information that you need by our project manager. He will remain in touch with you throughout the working of the project.

 When it comes to native mobile apps, you will be required to choose a technology stack for mobile OS platform. In case of iOS apps, these may be developed by using swift programming language or objective-C. Applications for android are primarily built by using Kotlin or Java.

We specialize in offering a range of unique and latest features in mobile applications developed by us. These features are in sync with the client requirements and provide huge benefits. Some of the features that we offer include map integration, real-time tracking, live chat support, in-app messaging, push notifications, and social media integration.

Yes, we ensure that we follow a certain process that helps in keeping the app secure. We apply the network security measures and constant monitoring is done at the workplace.

This question needs to be answered much before you step into getting an application developed. If the development of an app is not going to help in the progress of your business, then you might want to give it a thought.

You need to understand what your client needs and what is it that you offer in the app that will benefit both of you. A user-friendly app that makes it easy for the clients to know your business and connect with you will surely be useful.  

Yes, you can get back to us anytime and our team members will be happy to help you out. Whether you feel stuck or face any kind of technical issue, you can reach out to us and our team members will guide you through.

All the details regarding the project are discussed beforehand and our team ensures that you get the best work from us as per your expectation. However, once the work is shared with you, you are free to send any changes that you need to get done. You may communicate your requirements to our project manager, the same will be done and delivered to you on time.

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